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System Dynamics Lab

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What we do: 

Understanding Complex Dynamic Problems that Matter! 

  • According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in less than three decades, fraction of obese population in the U.S. has doubled, reaching 26.1% in 2008. This trend is a major contributor to the rising health care costs.
  • Consuming 36% of all energy in the U.S., buildings are one of the primary contributors to global warming, yet green building adoption remains under 1%.
  • According to Standish group, majority of IT projects either fail or are significantly challenged.

These are examples of serious complex dynamic problems we face today. They are complex because many interacting factors and stakeholders are involved in each and they unfold over time thus understanding their dynamics is key to solving them. In System Dynamics Lab we use and expand a diverse set of methods and build on a few primary disciplines to understand different complex dynamic problems, such as those above.

Recent updates in the website:

- Information for prospective applicants is available

Reporting Guidelines for Simulation-based Research in Social Sciences, by Hazhir Rahmandad and John Sterman. Download here.

- Several tutorials are now available to download in
Tutorials page

Contact us:

  • 7054 Haycock Rd, Room 433
    Falls Church, VA 22043
    United States
  • (703) 538-3765